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'If Brexit is finished, then so is democracy'
professor Robert Tombs, Professor French history at Cambridge and author of The English and their History talks to Spiked about sovereignty, democracy and the future of British politics Nov 2018 

Channel 4 short debate Michael Morpurgo and Robert Tombs April 2019

Brexit is about renewal, not just leaving the EU.  And there’s no time to waste 
Why Leave could usher in a new age of 'Global Britain'  Robert Tombs Spectator Dec 2018

Britain's Drudgery Economy: Economists Puzzled by Falling Productivity
Low wages, low productivity. Why innovation and technology might address this.

Human Rights: a reactionary cause
This article is an interesting counter blast to what we assume to be a progressive development of Human Rights legislation. When British democracy as an idea is traduced by the Remainer establishment, wouldn't Human Rights legislation offer a corrective?  Careful the sting in the tail


Media, Podcasts

6 min history of Peterloo Massacre of peaceful Manchester workers & their families 1819

Fraser Myres on the French yellow vests and internet censorship


8 mins in, where James Heartfield, discusses the traditional left's failure to engage with Brexit, the biggest eruption of working class people into the cosy world of managerial politics. Well worth listening to. Thoughtful. Anyone interested in questions of the left and the working class will find this interesting.
Who is James Heartfield?  

Excellent interview with Bernard Connolly with Merryn Somerset Webb of Moneyweek magazine. Who's he?  Oxford educated economist, lost his job at the European Commission fin 1995 for writing his book, 'The Rotten Heart of Europe: The Dirty War for Europe's Money'. The Times’s Anatole Kaletsky called the book “the most intellectually persuasive, economically coherent and politically prescient account yet published of the development of European institutions in the 1990s”. Marc Carney, Governor of Bank of England, named Connelly as only one of 4 economists who predicted and correctly analysed the 2008 banking crisis. In 2001, Connolly received the Frode Jakobsen prize, awarded in Denmark for “outstanding moral courage in public affairs”.  The written version of the interview can be read here,


Room for Thought 
Douglas Carswell channel  featuring interview with Claire Fox
As the old divisions of left and right ideology cease to have meaning in the present moment, Carswell's channel features interesting guests from a wide spectrum of views. Douglas' channel features good material with interesting people. Look out for Matt Ridley on 'Brexit, Climate Change & why the World is actually getting better', Titania McGrath on 'Identity Politics & political Correctness'



Evergreen - political elite liars!

Essential Websites 

Northern Brexit is cross party political. Fighting for democracy's the thing

Briefings for Brexit  comprised of professionals from a wide range of academic, business and other backgrounds including Dr Graham Gudgin, economist, Cambridge university Robert Tombs, Emeritus Professor of French History, Cambridge university. Lots of articles, podcasts, briefings, a blog, reports and news

Lawyers for Britain website provides authoritative explainers on the legal issues around Brexit

Short interview with Sky News featuring Martin Howe QC, specialist in EU law

Spiked online
For a non conformist, pro human, democratic, challenging take on politics try this online magazine. There's a culture war going on. Tool up with the arguments, test your ideas! Site has podcasts, videos, long and short reads.

A  Youtube channel with video interviews. Lots of in depth interviews with interesting subjects.
TRIGGERnometry is a free speech YouTube show and podcast. We believe in open, fact-based discussion of important and controversial issues. Comedians Konstantin Kisin and Francis Foster create fun-but-serious conversations with fascinating guests, including former Presidential advisors and political experts, leading economists, psychologists, journalists, social and cultural commentators, YouTubers and others. We give our guests a chance to say what they think and explain why.

The Full Brexit
The Full Brexit, a group committed to seizing the historic opportunity Brexit offers for restoring popular sovereignty, repairing democracy, and renewing our economy. This network of activists, academics, journalists and policy experts, all on the broad political left, was launched in June 2018, to stand with and for the overwhelming majority of British citizens who either voted to leave the European Union or, as democrats, are committed to enacting the majority verdict. We are committed to widening the space for democratic debate, injecting new ideas into the Brexit process, and forging ties with European allies to revive a genuine left internationalism.

Leavers of Britain  
Where social meets the political. Ever had to hide the fact you’re a Leave voter from friends, family and work colleagues?
Left out at work and fallen out with loved ones because you voted for what you believe in?
Lost friends over Brexit? Want to make some new, better ones? You’re in the right place!
Leavers of Britain (LofB) is an online AND offline community bringing like-minded people together across the UK.

Communist Party Britain Marxist Leninist
The CPBML stands for an independent, united and self reliant Britain run by the working class - the vast majority of the population

The Brexit Party
The Brexit Party was launched in April 2019 to ensure that the UK leaves the EU – and to change British politics for good.

BBC Bias Theme

Peter Whittle's New Culture Forum has a weekly interview
In this interview, Peter interviews Robin Aitken, about his new book,The Noble Liar: How the BBC Distorts the News to Promote a  Liberal Agenda. Robin Aitken was a senior BBC journalist over 30 years. He speaks as someone familiar with the BBC's internal culture. The interviews range across political viewpoints. They are stimulating and fair minded.

Rod Liddle: Brexit, BBC Bias & the Liberal Elite