New Beginnings

Saturday 7th March 2020 saw the first meeting of the Tameside Independents group. Their aim is to stand as candidates in the Greater Manchester area, asserting the demand that politics should be changed for good.  The group were present at the Stockport Conference organised by the former Brexit Party MEPs, Claire Fox and Henrik Overgaard Neilson. This conference attracted over 300 people on 29th February, to discuss and debate the way forward for British politics post Brexit.

You can hear the debates in the recorded event podcasts here

More information will follow shortly about the candidates and their commitments. The independents are united in the firm desire to create a new democratic politics following the failure of the Labour Party and other main stream parties to represent their views

Northern Brexit films

On Monday, 3rd December 2019, Leavers of Manchester hosted an important book launch for 'Reclaim Democracy. The left Case for Sovereignty', featuring the excellent speakers, Claire Fox, MEP, Dr Alka Seghal Cuthbert, Steve Roberts, writer, businessman and former trade unionist and Henrik Overgaard-Neilson, NHS dentist and a leader of the Danish left leave the EU campaign. Over the next few days, w'll be publishing videos of the speakers and the debate that ensued.

First up, Henrik Overgaard Neilson outlines the case for the left case for Sovereignty and Brexit.

Next March for Democracy in light Supreme court's usurpation of political realm

Paul Embery, trade unionist and journalist, lost was sacked from his position on the national council of the Fire Brigades Union, for speaking against the EU at the Leave Means Leave rally on 29 March 2019. HE was called "a disgrace to the Labour Movement" by union general secretary, Matt Wrack. In what looked suspiciously like a witch hunt and attack on free speech (Paul spoke in a private capacity as a democrat), Matt Wrack and his cohorts in the FBU look like union bureaucrats who want to stifle debate and free speech.
Come hear Paul speak and march alongside him as we honour Peterloo martyrs for the vote, demand our Referendum vote be respected

Brendan O'Neill, editor SPIKED magazine will be speaking at our march 19th October - What does he believe in? See here 

see our news page here for updates on march 

Liverpool Salon Host debate with Claire Fox and Costas Lapavitsas 12 Sept 2019

#March4Democracy #Peterloo #Brexit March Manchester 11 May 2019

Around 280 people assembled from across Manchester and the north to commemorate the fight for democracy by 60,000 peaceful protestors in St. Peters Square, 1819. Local magistrates sent in the local militia to cavalry charge, slashing with sabres. 15 were killed, over 600 injured.  The fight of ordinary people to have their democratic say, their voice respected continues. Brexit shows a line of continuity of contempt for ordinary people.

The first @geggygallus film looking at Warrington 4 Brexit
- A strong group of organised, articulate Leavers taking action into the own hands to support the drive to leave the EU. Patrick O'Flynn, former UKIP MP, now SDP party called it, "The most important political film I've see in years. The epicentre of the Brexit revolt will start in Warrington!"

Leave 29th March 2019
Following the failure to Leave on 29 March 2019, Warrington 4 Brexit group held their regular Brexit action group meeting. They express their anger at the betrayal of the political class to respect the vote in this short film

The Full Brexit is a group of respected academics providing a democratic perspective on Brexit. Find articles on their website here

Wigan - A Leave majority with a Revoker MP
Wigan voted 63.9% to Leave in the Referendum of 2016. It's a Labour constituency.  Lisa Nandy, the local Labour MP was active in machinations in Parliament to revoke Brexit. Something of a janus faced politician, she has a high media profile and argues that the north is being ignored. Her position is duplicitous. She speaks with fork tongue. One message to locals, entirely different political activities in Parliament.In this short, David, a former soldier called on to 'fight for democracy' by Tony Blair in Iraq, is scathing about what he sees as the removal of democracy in the UK. Also feature interviews with local Wigan people during a pro Brexit demonstration on a rainy Wigan Saturday.