MARCH on 19th October in Manchester!

With the Supreme Court justice decision to judge the prorogation of Parliament illegal, the full reactionary weight of the justiciary has been added to the anti democratic voices of MPs, past prime ministers and the malevolent presence of the despised Tony Blair.

Judges in the Supreme course, aided and abetted by the repulsively arrogant Gina Miller, her chorus of sycophants, John Major and assorted Scottish numpties have crossed the rubicon. They hold the people in contempt, believe their privileges and money should determine the fate of the decision of 17.4m voters of the 2016 Referendum. They think quite nakedly, that they know better than the people.

Democrats must organise, march, make the idiots of parliament realise that they hold no special rights to overawe the people. They sit there, spinelessly trying to thwart the peoples' decision, evading an election, because they know they will be roundly kicked-out. The people will express their almighty anger at their low snivelling shenanigans designed defeat the biggest democratic vote in the UK, ever.  The sheer decrepitude of them!

Join us. Join with us in a march in Manchester, assembling at 11.30am, Victoria Street, nr the Manchester Cathedral.
We will march to assert our rights, remembering those who were slain for demanding the vote. Hear great democrat speakers including Peaul Embery, Fire Brigades' trade unionist, sacked from his union post for daring to stand up and speak for Brexit. Brendan Chilton, writer, Labour Leaver. Henpeck Overgaard Nielson, a socialist from Denmark, now MEP for the north west for the Brexit Party. We will welcome Sir Graham Brady, Conservative MP and former chairman of the 1922 back bench committee.

Northern Soul