Warrington March for Brexit 

It's become commonplace for Labour party MPs including David Lammy, Lisa Nandy and Yvette Cooper, to brand the Brexit Party as racist, fascist. A march by the local people of Castleford in the town against the sitting MP, Yvette Cooper, on the 3rd Anniversary of the Referendum, saw local MP  Cooper, claim on twitter that the march was 'far right, Tommy Robinson Supporters' who were calling for her burning. An abject lie. A video and photos of that march shows a middle aged respectable woman dressed as Suffragette and stirring speeches in support of 'populism, or as it used to be called, 'solidarity', according to the speaker.  Last weekend,  Lisa Nandy, MP for Wigan (Leave majority 63.9%), stood at Glastonbury music festival and declared:  

“There isn’t any silver lining to the Brexit Party. We’ve been fighting the fascists off in towns like Wigan for 50 years. We know a fascist when we see one. This one has got a different face but it is the same thing, and we cannot allow people to be taken in by these people."  

Lisa Nandy MP

We've grown tired of the smears and insults that Labour Brexit revoker MPs have made against working class people.  
What Nandy, and her Labour colleague, David Lammy MP, are really saying, is that working class people didn't know what they were voting for in the Referendum. Ordinary people are being led astray, they need superior wits, such as their local Labour MP, to make rational decisions on their child-like, naive behalf.

On the March for Brexit in Warrington on 6th April, over 80 local Warrington people assembled with home made banners and walked the length of the town, north to south, attracting encouragement from locals and passing motorists, lorries and bus drivers.

The group marched to make a public display of their desire for a clean Brexit. (See the short film above to get a sense of the anger of ordinary people in the town).

The marchers were a cross section of Warrington people. They've been holding regular weekly meetings since late 2018. They are an articulate, intelligent group of diverse people who know their political history. They include David, a former Conservative party chairman in the town; Lynn, a retired manager, brought up in a strong Labour family, and Ian, a computer programmer who joined UKIP and believes fiercely in democracy.

To brand ordinary people as fascists is a gross insult to their sense of history and perspective. It simply reaffirms their anger to have done with the Labour machine politics. As in Scotland, Labour could be wiped out politically in the north.

When Labour politicians smear their constituents and insult their voters' intelligence, they appear more clearly as the insulated elite against the people. For elected representatives, you really have to wonder at this approach. With the rise of the Brexit party, recently taking 40% of the vote in the European elections in solidly traditional Labour areas, is Labour finally finished as the historic party of the working class?