Henrik Overgaard-Neilson kicks off speakers with his dismantling of idea Brexit is 'right wing'

On Monday, 3rd December 2019, Leavers of Manchester hosted an important book launch for 'Reclaim Democracy. The left Case for Sovereignty', featuring the excellent speakers, Claire Fox, MEP, Dr Alka Seghal Cuthbert, Steve Roberts, writer, businessman and former trade unionist and Henrik Overgaard-Neilson, NHS dentist and a leader of the Danish left leave the EU campaign. Over the next few days, w'll be publishing videos of the speakers and the debate that ensued.

First up, Henrik Overgaard Neilson outlines the left case for Sovereignty and Brexit.

Are you tired of the Labour Party claiming that there only...? days to save the NHS?
Would you like a little clip to share across social media of Henrik absolutely castigating Jermey Corbyn's 'brass neck and fake news' about the NHS being for sale, when, 'that ship already sailed'?