Brexit is about more than leaving the EU.

Brendan O’Neill, editor of SPIKED magazine and Paul Embery, trade unionist & journalist in two short films outline their beliefs in democracy, freedom of speech and the urgent need to renew politics in the UK.  

It is about ‘Taking back Control’, renewing democracy in Britain, here and now.  As many seek to shut down debate, no platform individuals who speak out against the dominant orthodox views, these two individuals shine a beacon for full open debate, democracy, the need to interrogate ideas.  

It’s high time these key attributes of wider democracy are unbridled and let free.
Without democracy, freedom of speech, the democratic gains fought for in the teeth of opposition, expressed in the fight for ordinary people to influence the direction of this country, we have the unjust monopoly of political and media elites, judges and the academic community. They have been exposed over 3 years since the Referendum as holding the mass of people in Great Britain, in contempt. They’ve also shown lamentable insight, brains, ability and gormless incompetence in many instances.

St. Peter’s Fields in Manchester, 1819, when 60,000 people assembled peacefully to hear speakers argue for the vote for ordinary people is what we commemorate on Saturday 19th October 2019. They were brutally attacked by the slashing sabres of the militia, sent in by magistrates, fearful that ordinary people might get ideas above their station.

Paul Embery 

Brendan O’Neill


First short film about the 19th October 2019 march for Democracy